Oliver is able to service any brass instrument you might have that's in need of a service. A service will consist of the following;

  • Complete instrument cleaning bath
  • Valve and slide overhaul (Freeing, Cleaning, Degreasing and Lubricating) 
  • Full instrument polish
  • Get your instrument back looking and working good as new! 

See below for a small breakdown of the servicing process!

Step 1

Before cleaning out the instrument, all moving parts, slides, values etc. are removed from the instrument and placed to one side so they can be cleaned individually and as thoroughly as possible. 

Step 2

The instrument is cleaned part by part, first soaking in warm water before being removed and cleaned. Nothing is left out, the valve casings, the full length of the slides and all the nooks and crannys are buffed and polished. Little by little the instrument starts to shine. 

Step 3

Once everything has been put through it's paces and cleaned thoroughly, it's time to put the instrument back together, oil the values and grease the slides before doing a quick check over to ensure the instrument is in full working order.

Servicing Time-Lapse