This document details the terms and conditions you as a pupil (if under 18 parent or guardian) agree to when lessons commence after the first free lesson.

Please read the documentation carefully. 

Please click here or the link above to read the terms and conditions PDF. This documentation may be updated periodically.

Last updated in June 2018.

Managing the privacy of all my pupils is something I take very seriously. 

Recent changes in EU law to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have come into effect that ensure your data is more protect than it ever has been.

The document linked here outlines how your data is collected upon agreeing to the terms and conditions of lessons (see above), how it's used, what's collected, for how long it's stored and how it's protected.

Please take the time to carefully read this documentation.

Last updated in June 2018. 

This document is for those interested in my performance history and they type of music I have performed over the course of my career. 

This list does not feature all pieces performed but is comprised of the more notable works I have been apart of.

This document will be updated periodically.

Last Updated May 2018.

For those interested in viewing my CV, please get in touch via my contact page and I will happily provide you with an up to date copy.